Our research in the

Disability theme

We aim to help reduce the global epidemic of physical inactivity.

People with physical disabilities face additional barriers to being physically active but physical activity has particular benefits for people with disabilities. This theme focuses on developing and testing strategies to enable people with disabilities to be more active.

IMH-led projects

We hope the findings of this project lead to improved physical activity levels in adults who have difficulty walking.

The aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of two physical activity interventions on adults with self-reported walking difficulty. The participant will be allocated to one of three groups. The first intervention includes: a tailored physical activity plan based on a face-to-face assessment with a physiotherapist; six months of phone-based health coaching; use of technology to keep you active and access to online resources.  The second intervention is a less intensive health-coaching program involving a phone consultation with a physiotherapist, monthly text messages to follow up and access to online resources.  The third group will receive no intervention for the first six months and then receive the second intervention for the second six months. The project will be conducted over 12 months. You may be eligible to participate in this study if you are 18 years or older, living in the community, and have a mobility limitation – difficulty or inability to walk 800m.

Principal Investigator: Professor Cathie Sherrington

Chief Investigators: Professor Rana Hinman, Professor Maria Crotty, Professor Tammy Hoffmann, Associate Professor Anne Tiedemann, Professor Lisa Harvey, Professor Nicholas Taylor and Dr Leanne Hassett.

For more information about this project, please contact Dr Leanne Hassett.

This is a NHMRC Project Grant (2018 – 2021).

Theme leader: Dr Leanne Hassett

BAppSc(Phty), MHlthSc(Neuro Phty), PhD

Dr Leanne Hassett is a Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Physiotherapy at The University of Sydney and a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, School of Public Health. Dr Hassett was awarded her PhD in 2008, supported by the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship in Allied Health. She has 29 peer-reviewed articles, 11 as lead author, in both international and national journals, and co-authored a book chapter in an influential physiotherapy textbook used internationally for teaching.