Physical Activity, Ageing and Disability

The Physical Activity, Ageing and Disability stream includes research staff, research students and professional staff with a variety of backgrounds including physiotherapy, exercise science and health promotion. The focus areas of this stream are Mobility and Falls, Healthy Ageing and Disability.  We aim to help reduce the global epidemic of physical inactivity.

Stream leader: Professor Cathie Sherrington

BAppSc (Phty), MPH, PhD, FAAHMS​

Professor Cathie Sherrington is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. She has a clinical background as a physiotherapist in aged care and rehabilitation. Her research focuses on the promotion of physical activity to prevent falls and enhance mobility.

Supported by the following: Prof Anne Tiedemann, A/Prof Leanne Hassett, Dr Marina Pinheiro, Dr Juliana De Oliveira, Dr Abby Haynes, Dr Heidi Gilchrist, Dr Jennifer Baldwin, Siobhan Wong, Kerry West, Venisa Kwok, Rik Dawson, Geraldine Wallbank, Amanda Bates, Louise Pearce, Charlotte McLennan, Ima Strkljevic, Sandra O’Rourke, Courtney West, Kate Purcell, Betty Ramsay, Catherine Kirkham, Giane Caon Camara, Vanessa Nguy, Belinda Wang and Roslyn Savage.