PEDro Partnership

The PEDro Partnership’s flagship is the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro).

The PEDro Partnership Steering Committee includes: Associate Professor Anne Moseley (IMH), Professor Rob Herbert (NeuRA), Associate Professor Mark Elkins (University of Sydney), Professor Chirs Maher (IMH), Professor Cathie Sherrington (IMH) and Associate Professor Steve Kamper (IMH).

PEDro is the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (, a free resource providing rapid access to high-quality clinical research about the effects of physiotherapy interventions. Used by clinicians, educators, researchers, students and policy-makers, PEDro cuts through the enormous quantity of published research to deliver the best articles evaluating the effects of rehabilitation treatments. A unique feature of PEDro is that all trials are rated for quality to quickly guide users to trials which use the most rigorous methods and contain sufficient information to guide clinical practice. Launched in 1999, PEDro is now an eminent global resource.

Take the #MyPTArticleOfTheMonth challenge in 2019

An essential element of evidence-based practice is reading articles reporting the results of high-quality clinical research. Unfortunately, only one-third of clinicians report reading journal articles – and those who do, read on an irregular basis. With over 42,000 articles reporting the effects of physiotherapy interventions now easily available online, it’s time for this to change.

The #MyPTArticleOfTheMonth challenge is designed to encourage physiotherapists to regularly read high-quality research. The challenge is simple; read at least one article reporting the results of clinical research each month during 2019.

The articles can evaluate the effects of an intervention, usefulness of a diagnostic test, estimate prognosis, or explore patient perceptions. You can identify the articles by posing clinical questions or by browsing the latest journals. PEDro is a great source of articles about the effects of interventions, and you can subscribe to PEDro’s Evidence in your inbox ( to receive the latest research in your area of practice every time PEDro is updated.

The aim of the #MyPTArticleOfTheMonth challenge is to help physiotherapists develop their skills in identifying and reading the best clinical research to inform patient care. This is a skill that improves with practice and is facilitated by sharing discoveries with your peers. We will use a hashtag #MyPTArticleOfTheMonth on Twitter and Facebook for you to share your reading with the global physiotherapy community.

Each month PEDro will be sharing the reading habits of prominent physiotherapy clinicians, researchers and educators. We will also be posting resources on how to identify high-quality articles and how to read and understand research articles throughout 2019.

This campaign is supported by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (, Australian Physiotherapy Association (, Société Française de Physiothérapie (, and Asociación Española de Fisioterapeutas (

Please join us on this journey.

Nominate a trial for PEDro’s top 5 trials in 2014-2019

PEDro will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in October 2019. To mark this important milestone we want to identify 5 of the most important randomised controlled trials in physiotherapy published in the years 2014-2019.

High-quality randomised controlled trials are essential for physiotherapy practice and teaching. Back in 2014 we commemorated PEDro’s 15th birthday by identifying the best 15 physiotherapy trials of all time. These were ground-breaking trials that changed the way people with a variety of conditions are treated. Some of the trials set the stage for breakthroughs, some represented a paradigm shift, and all of them marked important milestones in the evolution of physiotherapy treatment. Interviews with the lead authors of the top 15 trials are available in the PEDro top 15 trials page (

We now want to expand this list by adding the top 5 trials published in 2014-2019.

PEDro users are invited to nominate randomised controlled trials evaluating physiotherapy interventions for consideration. The trials need to answer important clinical questions in a robust and innovative way. Only trials that have results published in a peer-reviewed journal article in the years 2014-2019 will be considered.

Nominations close on Monday 2 September 2019. Nominations will be judged by an independent panel of international trialists. The top 5 trials will be announced in October 2019.

Visit the PEDro web-site to nominate a trial (

Theme leader: Associate Professor Anne Moseley

BAppSc(Physio), GradDipAppSc(ExSpSc), PhD

Associate Professor Anne Moseley is a Principal Research Fellow in the Sydney School of Public Health. She has a clinical background as a physiotherapist in trauma rehabilitation, including both neurotrauma and orthopaedic trauma. Her research focuses on evidence-based practice, waste in research, and evaluation of rehabilitation interventions.