Poor musculoskeletal health is the leading cause of disability globally and this burden will increase in coming decades with an ageing population. An intensified research effort is needed where consumers are actively involved and the research delivers real world impact. The Institute brings together a large Local Health District serving a diverse community with world-leading musculoskeletal researchers from the Sydney School of Public Health. There is no similar group nationally or internationally.

Our researchers currently hold 30 NHMRC and MRFF fellowships and grants, totaling $52.8 million, including NHMRC program and partnership grants and NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence. The Institute has a demonstrated capability to produce outstanding research and research translation and also the resources to support our research program. Combining these with the clinical resources of SLHD will further enhance our competitive edge.

Our vision is to optimise musculoskeletal health and physical activity through high quality, patient centred, collaborative research. In parallel, the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health will also promote the translation of evidence based research into policy and clinical practice, foster the development of a highly skilled musculoskeletal researcher workforce, and contribute to developing sustainable and cost effective health care services.

The overall purpose of the Institute is to provide a platform to strengthen local, national and international collaborative links with key academics, clinicians, health care organisations and research networks, and promote the translation of research findings into policy and practice.

Within the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, there are four major themes of research. These include: Back Pain and Musculoskeletal Conditions, Physical Activity, Ageing and Disability, Evidence and Equity, and Commercial Clinical Trials.

Funding partners

Our funding partners include:

Collaborative partners

We are proud to work closely with many collaborative research partners:

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We are a proud partnership of the Sydney Local Health District and the University of Sydney