The Institute for Musculoskeletal Health is a
world-class innovative research collaboration
between Sydney Local Health District and the
University of Sydney.

The Institute brings together musculoskeletal
healthcare researchers and clinicians who have direct
contact with patients in the health system.

Poor musculoskeletal health is the leading cause
of disability globally and this burden will increase
in coming decades with an ageing population.

An intensified research effort is needed where
consumers are actively involved and the research
delivers real world impact.

In bringing together frontline clinicians, policy
makers, researchers and consumers to design
and conduct high quality, patient-centred research,
the Institute positively impacts practice, health
systems and health policy.

The Institute will promote translational research,
foster the development of a highly-skilled
musculoskeletal research workforce, and
contribute to developing sustainable, equitable
and cost-effective health care services.

Our Prospectus